doodled a Zico for emireeboard to cheer her on in her studies!

first time drawing kpop boys oh boy…..


yesterday when I was without tablet I drew Noah in a kpop outfit because I definitely didn’t have anything better to do with my time


Noah from the commission examples~

A commission I did for Steven and Juls’ anniversary! <3

A little print I did to give away at RTX!


I forgot to post this yesterday but Tina and I were hype for HTTYD2 \o/

Commissioned logo for Promptly Written~! They’ll be on iTunes soon, you should definitely check out the podcast if you wanna laugh.

Noah from the commission examples~

Finally opening commissions!

I’ll draw fanart, original characters, yourself etc., but no NSFW, sorry! Please provide references if you can, especially for original characters. Additional characters will be around 2/3 the original cost.

Email me at emireeboard@gmail.com with the subject “commission” and we can discuss the details! Once the order’s been finalised, I’ll take payment upfront via paypal. Prices are in USD!

Unless we organise otherwise, I’ll email you the final product as a 200dpi A4 image once I’ve completed it. I will aim to get you your art in 1 week, and I’ll let you know if something is causing delays.

[ *SLOTS FULL* commissions closed for now! Thank you! ]. You can check out my art tag for more examples of my art!! Thank you