HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my most giant son ♥ very very precious

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I wanna reach up on my tippy toes and pat yugyeom’s head

finally another inktober~ minho for the set!


!!! oH MAN THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! ❤️❤️

using my 100th post to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS LIL JIMIN !!!!

Anonymous asked: Without a doubt, you are the most beautiful person I've seen in my life. Everytime you post a picture on your twitter account, my day gets better. As an inspiring artist, I see your drawing and they are great and interesting. I try to draw you to get my practice on facial expressions and I am getting better. I know this sounds creeptastic but I don't mean harm or I that I will keep doing this. But I had to let you know. Just know that I look up to you and you are the reasons I have not given up.

oOH MY G OSH !! I’m really really glad that you could get some inspiration from me! Just keep working at it like you are, art can be tough but if it’s something you love doing you’ll keep improving if you stick with it!! THANK U ANON I believe in you !!!!!!

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taeminnie ❤️

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little draw of von as a cute lil vamp~

jonghyun for #inktober to match key~

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catching up for the days I missed, so another inktober~ BiPA from Lip Service!

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