It’s Ray’s BIRTHDAY \o/ I hope he has a great one~~

Anonymous asked: Your art is lovely have a good day UwU

ahhh thank you so much!!! ;u; you too~!

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Anonymous asked: Where in Aus are you from? :)

I’m from Sydney! And still living here \o/

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Hyuna is so fun to draw I keep getting carried away

Red is HyunA 

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Anonymous asked: So do you draw pictures that people ask you to? And what do you need to draw these pictures?

Sometimes I’ll take requests from good friends if I feel like it and have the time, otherwise I take commissions, but they’re closed at the moment!
As for what I need, do you mean like tools or?? I use Paint Tool SAI and an intuos pro.

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Commission done for Katie, who was so patient with me for this!!! We look good huh

I’m sorry the first thing I draw in a million years is kpop scribbles but I had to unwIND


doodled a Zico for emireeboard to cheer her on in her studies!

first time drawing kpop boys oh boy…..


yesterday when I was without tablet I drew Noah in a kpop outfit because I definitely didn’t have anything better to do with my time